London, (like New York City) the capital of the British Empire is another must visit place in the list of the global traveler. I have made the list of the best places to visit in London based on my experiences.

The list of places which should not be missed in London

Travel Tip 1: Always book the London Pass. Click here for tickets. This will give access to multiple attractions, and also a complimentary cruise ride.

Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is the house of the monarchy of the United Kingdom, the head of the British Empire, on which “the sun never used to set” once upon a time.

Travel Tip 1:Reach the Buckingham Palace grounds early in the day to observe the Change of Guards ceremony

Trafalgar Square

From the Palace, walk via the Mall road towards the famed Trafalgar Square. The Trafalgar Square was built commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar in which the British fleet under the command of Nelson defeated the French armada. Adm. Nelson died in that battle. A statue of Nelson is present in the Trafalgar Square.

London Transport Museum

Next, visit the London Transport Museum, especially if you are an automobile enthusiast. This is one of the hundreds of museums present in the city. It depicts the changing transport patterns of the city, showcasing right from the palanquins to the famous London taxi and double decker bus.

The Big Ben and the British Parliament

Once you are done with the London Transport Museum, walk by the Tames and headed towards the other landmark which makes its place in the must visit places of London: The Parliament Square and the Big Ben. The Big Ben is the nickname of the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Place of Westminster (the House of British Parliament). It is now known as the Elizabeth Tower, commemorating the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in 2012. Built is 1859, the Big Ben is the most prominent landmark of the city of London, and possibly the entire of UK.

Parliament Square

Westminster Abbey

The other important landmark in the vicinity of Parliament Square is the Westminster Abbey. Formally known as the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, it is a large gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster, London. It is one of the most notable religious buildings in the United Kingdom and has been the traditional place of coronations, and burial site of the English, and later the British monarchs. This church was founded at the site in the 7th century. The construction of the present building began in 1245, on orders of King Henry III. Unfortunately for us, the entry queue for the Westminster Abbey was so large, that we had to decide to skip going into the interiors of the building. We walked in the gardens, took photos of the building, and moved on towards our next destination – the Churchill War Rooms.

The Westminster Abbey

The Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms is an underground complex that housed the British government command center. It was prepared as a shelter during the Luftwaffe bombing of the city, during the Battle of Britain of the Second World War. Inside the complex, we took a guided audio tour to check the different rooms which housed the important departments of the war ministry. Life-size modes of generals and commanders, and impeccable maintenance of the place transports a visitor back to the days of the WW2

Museum of The Household Cavalry

The next destination should be the Museum of The Household Cavalry. Inside it,  see horses in the 18th century working stables. There were also exhibits explaining the training and history of the regiment including ceremonial uniforms, regalia, awards, musical instrument, and silverware. Just outside the building you will find a mounted trooper of the Household Cavalry.

The London Eye

The London Eye, a Ferris wheel which the city built to commemorate the new millennium was our next attraction.

Travel Tip 3: Buy tickets for the London Eye online prior to visiting London. This will save you time in queue. Click here for tickets.

Travel Tip 4: Buy time-slots coinciding with sunset. This will give the best views.

Tames River Cruise

If you have already bought the London Pass, hop into the Tames River Cruise and enjoy the boat ride as it takes you upstream. The Tower Bridge should be a good breaking point. The cruise will take you past some of the famous buildings of London.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historic castle on the north bank of Tames in central London. The white tower which gives the entire castle its name was built in 1078 by William the conqueror. The castle was used as a prison from 1100 to 1952.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is another unique landmarks of London and should be in the list of all visitors to the city. The Tower Bridge is unique in that it is a combined bascule and suspension bridge. It was built in 1894.