Kolkata is a city of glamorous contrasts. Here you will find some of the modern marvels besides ancient British heritage. Some high end luxury cars besides smoke belching rickety buses. Some boutique food joints besides mouthwatering street food joints. Recently I tried to find some of the best hidden food joints of Kolkata in a Food Trail – which was sponsored by Zoomcar Kolkata and powered by Blackboard.

The best hidden street food joints of Kolkata

Chinese breakfast at Territy Bazar.

It does not matter if you like Chinese Food of not. You will definitely love the fish dumplings and chicken momos of Territy Bazar. The breads and soup are also awesome.

And don’t forget to buy some fresh pork sausage from here.

Malai Toast near Calcutta Stock Exchange

Ok! I shall be honest – Territy Bazar was not really a hidden gem for me. But the malai toast at Calcutta Stock Exchange was definitely unheard of, and I am sure would make it to the top 3 in the list of hidden food joints of Kolkata. That a breakfast as innocent as bread and malai could be converted into something such delicious is beyond imagination.

Add to it the masala tea with zaffran added to it, and the really thick lassi. You have a winner.

Rolls at Kusum Rolls in Park Street

A hidden food joint in the true sense, Kusum Rolls is tucked in a small corner of Park Street, just besides the Park Hotel. This shop has been around since 1971 and has some of the most unlikely combinations of rolls – like Chicken and Liver Roll, Mutton Keema Roll etc. Don’t forget to add an extra layer of mayonnaise to enhance the taste.

Fish Kabiraji and Cold Coffee at Indian Coffee House

Rule of thumb – “When on a food trail in Kolkata, thou shalt not miss Indian Coffee House – doesn’t matter whether you like the food there or not.” Off course, you will find better tasting cold coffee, but will you get the electric ambiance and the warm behaviour of the not-so-friendly waiter? NO.

Moong Dal Chilla at Vardaan Market

Looks like Dosa, but tastes completely different, the Chilla is a must try from the street food vendors in front of Vardaan Market. Ans ask for the green chutney more. It is hot, but tastes delicious.

Ice Gola and Soda Sikhanjee in front of Victoria Memorial