Deoghar is a sleepy town situated in the main Howrah  Delhi main railway line in the state of Jharkhand. Deoghar is mainly famous for its Shiv Temple (dham) known as the Baidhyanath Dham. However, there are other places of historical significance here as well – which the tourist finds interesting. Simultala is located very close to Deoghar, probably the next station. This place was famous once upon a time when people from Bengal used to go there for holidaying purposes due to the nice weather and pollution free environment there. This blog of mine mainly focuses on the best places to visit in Deoghar and Simultala

Though there are no direct train lines to Deoghar, but it can be reached by getting down at Jasidhi Jn, from where auto-rickshaws and taxis are available to this temple town.

Deoghar first finds its mention in modern history around 200 years ago, when this place was covered by dense forests. Around 1870, the place was notified by the British Government, and the Deoghar Court was established. The place has 3 areas, namely  Williams Town, Caster Town and Bompas Town, named after the first 3 British Commissioners to the area. Around 1920, the growthe of the place started, when the forests were cleared to make way for civilization. Since then the town has grow by considerable proportions. Being an old town, one can find innumerable narrow lanes and by-lanes criss-crossing each other.

The top 10 places to visit in Deoghar and Simultala

The Baidyanath temple

The main attraction of Deoghar, the Baidyanath temple, is housed inside a boundary wall about 8  9 feet high. The complex contains a total of 22 temples of varying size, with the Shiva temple in the centre. No one can actually tell since when the temple has been standing here, and by whom it was built. Some people claim it to be a thousand years old, others even more. An ancient myth has it that Lord Vishwakarma (the God of engineers) built the temple himself at the instructions of Lord Narayan. The temple and its surrounding areas find a mention in the ancient Puran (the book of Hindu mythology) in about 600 BC. Inside the Shiva temple is the shiv-linga which is held in extreme high esteem by the Hindus.

Apart from the Shiva temple, there are another 22 temples in the compound

  • Parvati Mandir
  • Jagat Janani Mandir
  • Ganesh Mandir
  • Chatur Mukh Mandir
  • Santhya Mandir
  • Kal Bhairav Mandir
  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Manasa Mandir
  • Saraswati Mandir
  • Surya Mandir


Situated about 6 KM from Deoghar, Tapoban is a place of interest for all travelers. Tapoban is basically one of the of the many small hillocks situated in and around Deoghar. The place was once covered with thick forests, as was most of Deoghar. But all that is lost now. The top of the hill contains many caverns. According to locals Balanand Brahmachari sat in one of the caverns for his meditation and it is at this place that he got enlightened.

Nandan Pahar

The Nandan Pahar is definitely in the list of top 10 places to see in Deoghar. It is a medium sized hill located about 5KM from Deoghar, offering a fabulous view of the surrounding from the top. The Jasidih-Dumka rail head can be seen from the top. At the foothills of Nandan Pahar is the reservoir which supplies water to the entire town of Deoghar. Others attractions of Nandan Pahar are a few temples dating back a hundred years, and a small amusement park.

Trikut Pahar

This is arguably the highest amongst all the hills in and around Deoghar. It is covered by dense forests on all sides, and also contains a Shiva Templs built in 1933. Trikut Pahar is located on the Deoghar-Dumka highway and is about 18 KM from the town.

Naulakha Mandir

Also known as Jugal Mandir, it is located about 1.5 KM from the centre of the city. Built in white marble, this 146 ft temple was constructed in 1948. In those days, the total construction cost for the temple was 9 lakh rupees, hence the name (9 => nau; Lakhs-> lakha). Inside the temple is the status of lord Radha-Krishna along with His Holiness Balananda Brahmachari (who was the mentor of Charushila Rani  the lady who constructed the temple). The entire temple is surrounded by a sprawling lawn, and has a pond (Narmada Kund) to the east of it. This temple is a must visit in all of Deoghar’s attractions

Nabadurga Mandir (Devsangh)

The Devsangh ashram is situated about 2 KM from the city and has a very pleasant atmosphere surrounding it. The Nabadurga Mandir was created by Sri Narendranath Brahmachari, and it contains a statue of his.

Ram Nivas Ashram

The Clock Tower

Located at the centre of the town is the Tower Clock, a huge structure with a large clock to the top of it. This Tower Clock serves as the landmark of the town. The main fame of Deoghar is because of the Baidyanath Dham temple, a temple which is said to be more than a thousand years old. The temple is about 500 M away from the Tower Clock, and is to be reached through the narrow lanes.

Lattu Pahar in Simultala

A little distance from Deoghar is the station of Simultala. In the past, Simultala used to be a favourite resort place for the land-lords and rich and famous of Bengal.  Lattu Pahar is located a little distance from the railway station and can be reached by taking a rickshaw from there.

Queen of Dhaka’s palace