How to plan a weekend getaway to Sankarpur

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Dead wood

How to reach Sankarpur

Sankarpur, situated about 180 kms from Kolkata, is a perfect weekend destination for a quick break. It is situated between Digha and Mandarmoni, and the best way to reach the place is via road.

Other options to reach Sankarpur is via bus from Kolkata. One needs to get down at Choddo Mile bus stop and hire a van upto the hotel.

Alternatively, train from Kolkata to Digha can also be availed. From Digha station, cabs are available to drop passengers till Sankarpur.

Why Sankarpur is a nice weekend destination

A long stretch of quite beach, the smell of fish from the nearby jetty, a thick covering of Casuarina trees, and absence of mindless chatter of the litter-wherever-I go tourist, that is how one can describe this small beach in Midnapore district of West Bengal.

The place is basically a small fishing village from where fishermen take their trawlers out and venture into the sea to grab their portion of the catch. Besides the beach is the fish market, so typical with its noise and smell, and a fish processing unit.

Where to stay in Sankarpur.

Staying options can be quite limited in Sankarpur. Most of the hotels are not near the beach which is covered by a layer of causrina trees.

The best options for staying in Sankarpur are the Jowar and Matsyagandha complex, which are run by the West Bengal Fisheries Corporation.

Alternatively, Hotel Nest and Hotel Sandy Bay can be two other good options.

What to do while in Sankarpur

White sands, and an active sea greet the traveler and he crosses the green belt of Causrina Trees and approaches the beach. The beach is quite wide and about 3 Km in length. To the right, one can see the Digha lighthouse. The beach is ideally suited for bathing purposes, as the sea here is neither too rough, nor too shallow. One can find fishermen and their trawlers near the beach.

Evenings in the beach can be wonderful propositions, especially on a full-moon night. The moonlight reflecting on the unceasing waves that lash the sands make the water appear like carrying white beads and pearls. Also the moonlight through the causrina trees and the sound of the branches brushing against each others add charm to the place. One should preferably go to the place on a full moon night to enjoy this beauty.