Must see places in South and East Mauritius.

Mauritius, the paradise island in the Indian Ocean offers astounding scenic beauty almost every where one tries to look. The blue coloured seas complement the fantastic beaches of North and South Mauritius, which in turn give way to the mountains scattered all across the island. No wonder Mauritius is a honeymooners paradise. And no wonder tourism accounts for the highest revenue of the country. Sight seeing in Mauritius can be broken up into 2 parts – the North Island Tour and the South Island tour. In this blog, I would discuss the 1 day trip to cover the most famous tourist attractions of west and south Mauritius which includes Trou Aux Certs, Mare Aux Vacoas, Ganga Talao or the Grand Bassin, Alexandra Falls Lookout Point, Black River Gorges Forest viewpoint, Chamarel Waterfalls, Seven Colored Earth and Flic en Flac beach.

Planning South and East Mauritius in 1 day

Most tourists stay in the Northern part of the country. However, since we were on business trip, I stayed in Quatre Bornes, which is in central Mauritius. So my travel plan is based out of this place. However, Quatre Bornes is only about 30 kms from Port Louis and the north. Hence, any person starting from the north Mauritius or Port Louis should be able to use this 1 day guide to South and East Mauritius.

Trou Aux Certs

Trou Aux Certs is a dormant volcano in central Mauritius, and is a very unique attraction of the country. The walkway around the mouth of the volcano gives a 360 degree view of the Mauritius. The Trou Aux Certs is a must visit place in Mauritius, if not for the mouth of the volcano, then definitely for the view all around.


Mare Aux Vacoas

This hidden beauty lies on the way to Gang Talao. It is actually a water reservoir which supplies water to the entire island.


Ganga Talao or The Grand Bassin

The Ganga Talao or the Grand Bassin is a holy lake for the Hindu population of Mauritius. There is a huge statue of Lord Shiva just besides the lake. Ganga Talao also has a temple of Shiva.

Every year during Maha Shiv Ratri, devotees from all over the island come to offer prayers to Shiva here.


Alexandra Falls Lookout Point

The view of the Indian Ocean from the Alexandra Falls Lookout Point is one of the most famous tourist spots in Mauritius. This spot is inside the Black River Gorges Forest, and is a short walk from the Alexndra Falls car park. I will let the photos do the talking about the beauty of this must visit place place of South Mauritius.


The Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges Forest viewpoint is located between the Alexandra Falls Lookout Point and Chamarel. The shops near the viewpoint sell memorabilia like tribal masks etc. If you are looking for antique Mauritian art, you can try the Black River Gorges Forest.

The Black River Gorges Forest view point

Chamarel Waterfalls

The Chamarel Waterfalls, located near the Chamarel village in the southern part of Mauritius is another must visit tourist attraction in Mauritius. It is fed by River Viande Salee and River St. Denis. The height of the falls is about 95 meters. During dry season, the volume of water falling thru Chamarel Waterfalls is around 22500 cubic meter. In the wet season, it doubles to about 41000 cubic meter.

The Seven Colored Earth of Mauritius

The Seven Colored Earth of Mauritius is located in Chamarel in the southern part of Mauritius and very close to the Chamarel Waterfalls. This is a UNESCO world heritage site.

This unique and must-see attraction of Mauritius gets it name of the seven colors of the soil here. The reason is attributed to volcanic activities which led to varied mineral composition.

The souvenir shop at the Seven Colored Earth sells samples of the soil from this region.

The lunch break and view from Chamarel

If you are planning a day trip to Southern and Eastern part of Mauritius, then Chamarel village would be a good break point. The small restaurants offer local Creole delicacies which can be savored.

Le Morne Beach

Mauritius is known for its sparkling clear water and white beaches. Le Morne beach on the south western tip of Mauritius is a perfect example of such a beach, and should not be missed during a day trip of the island.

The Slave Route Monument just beyond the Le Morne mountain is made in remembrance of the slaves who jumped from the top of the mountain to escape from the tyranny of the masters.

Casa Noyale Embarkation point


Flic En Flac Beach

Flic en Flac beach is located on the western coast of Mauritius, and as with all other beaches, boasts of crystal clear waters and silvery white sands. Indeed, silvery white sands is something which is a speciality of Mauritius.

The best sunset of Mauritius can be seen from the western coast, and Flic en Flac beach is one such place. Even though we did not get a cloud free sky, still the spectacular sunset we observed from Flic en Flac will remain in my mind forever.