“I shed my inhibitions, my fears, I traveled light. I traded my stock options for a lonely planet, my cell phone for a compass. My briefcase for a backpack. I took off. I wandered in the company of tourists, revelers & a guitar as old as me. I learned that people are good. Strangers are fascinating. And that every journey reveals another. I’ve lost track of time. And perhaps my job, my apartment & my fiancé. But I have my compass & I know its pointing me in the right direction.”

In 20 years time, I see myself in that position. I am an amateur photographer, a traveler, a nature lover by choice, and a software engineer by chance. I love to travel extensively, both for seeing and exploring new places, and also because I believe that traveling helps open me eyes and add a whole new dimension in my life. In fact, it was in one such trip that the idea of a website for all travelogues struck my mind while I was having a discussion with our tour guide, and he lamented that he had never seen his photo over the net. I promised him instantaneously that I would make that happen, and there I go.

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Our team with men from The Indian Army at Mt Katao

OK…4th from the right….standing (with the camera clinging)….well that’s me.

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